Good practices for define short-term goals


Who & Where? AMFL, Bulgaria
What? The goals of AMFL is to reach out to a wider network of people from all around Bulgaria and give equal opportunities to people of all social status and ages, to get involved in sports and practice football.
How? It is important for everyone to work together on the Goals. People from different teams, different hierarchies. When we were discussing our goals we were thinking and we are still thinking about what do we want to achieve when we meet each goal. Each goal was linked to something that we deliver to society and to people so that from one side we can be successful but from another to bring value to the people.  We often evaluate our goals, in order to see if there are some things that need to be changed. Our current goals are linked to providing the best experience to players, great organisation, support health boost, and being competitive internationally. We want to be a good example of how structured and high-quality things are done.
Why? Goals for less developed areas are linked for us with the support of the regions, attracting people who do not have other opportunities and offering them the beauty of football. It is important if you are planning to move to less developed regions to have goals aligned with the problems of that region so that they can be successfully aligned with the need of people and the region. It is important to think not only about the value for the organisation but also the value to the people that will be delivered.
Who & Where? ŠD Bogojina, Slovenia
What? Based on an analysis of the situation, the club found that they were short of children, so it set itself the goal of organizing events to get new members. The club needed more people of all ages and statuses and had to set its strategy in order to reflect this. The club sets determine different strategies to reach out to different groups, depending on the age, the geographical area, the culture, the means that they use on an everyday basis.
How? Objectives should be set on the basis of an analysis of the situation. They must be in line with SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) and the needs of the association and its surroundings. The goals require knowledge of one's own staff and one's own potential. The size of the goals depends on the size and capabilities of the organization. It is definitely necessary to start with small goals and then increase them over time. Competitive goals in sport are known and measurable. The basic goals of any organization should be to increase the number of active members, integrate into the environment, networking and cooperation with other associations.
Why? The organization of a (free) summer camp for children lasting one week and the organization of an international (indoor) tournament in the winter are events that allow children to spend their free time actively without training and competitions. In this way, the clubs come up with possible candidates for their selections, get a comparison with other clubs and, with the support of sponsors, obtain certain funds.
Who & Where? AF Braganca, Portugal
What? To support people of all ages to do sports and give them equal access to football in the area. Our goals are to give opportunities to as many people as possible
How? For goals definition, we can use the SMART methodology to help us by making goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. The SMART method helps push you further, gives you a sense of direction, and helps you organize and reach your goals.
Why?  It is important to have clearly set goals that are communicated to the wider public and to the members of the organisation.
Who & Where? ASSA Sports Talent, North Macedonia
What? Тhe main goal is to give young talents the great opportunities that they deserve.
How? After signing more agreements with more parties where they can promote the talents, they can start with official events like scouting selective camps, direct tryouts, participating at the tournaments, creating and helping more different clubs, participating in the educational program and make an influence to more kids start to join the sport.
Why?  It is important to have clear goals and communicate them to all the people that you work with
Who & Where? LECS, Romania
What? The goals of LECS are to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle, and there are specific goals that are communicated to all its partners
How? After defining and approving the strategy, the broader goals are settled so, you should go into detail with setting the specific goals. All members of your organisation should be involved in this stage. The goals should be motivated for the participants and should be correlated with an action plan.
Why?  As long as the goals are clear enough and the action plan is well known the people feel comfortable achieving it.