Good practices for set long-term goals

Long-term goals(Strategy)

Who & Where? AMFL, Bulgaria
What? Our strategy is to attract players based on all the innovative elements and the good quality of services that we provide. Our strategy has been built on the value for everyone who is a stakeholder,  hence delivering value to players, to teams, to sponsors, to the government and to young people.
How? In order to set a strategy, all stakeholders must be involved. AMFL has created a strategy based on missing elements of the market. Our organisation has looked at good and innovative practices from abroad,  in order to e interesting and competitive.
Why? It was very important for us to come up with what we will be different with, i.e. competitive advantage - our video filming, our statistics for each team, the awards, the support from families.
Who & Where? ŠD Bogojina, Slovenia
What? The strategy of SD Bogojina is to be present online and reach the highest number of people through online media.
How? The organizational strategy must include innovative and motivational approaches that deviate from old practices. In any case, one big goal (say competitive or sports) must be set, which is then pursued by the organization and which serves as an advertisement, a reference for the visibility of the organization, for its promotion and enrollment of new members.
Why? An organization can pursue a number of small goals such as - increased enrollment of children and members - organization of large and small events - landscaping (sports infrastructure) - various sports competitions It is necessary to cooperate strongly with all local stakeholders in sports (municipal sports association, football association, municipality, school) and use their channels for promotion, financial assistance. Use social networks to communicate with the environment and other members to increase the efficiency of the organization, with parents of children to gain new members, for visibility with sponsors.

Who & Where? AF Braganca, Portugal
What? Values
The values that express the Vision and Mission of Bragança FA in the pursuit of achieving its goals are a total of eleven:
1st Transparency; 2nd Loyalty; 3rd Solidarity; 4th Ethics; 5th Good Governance; 6th Inclusion; 7th Integrity; 8th Honesty; 9th Fairness; 10th Education; 11th Respect.
- Develop Football, Futsal and Beach Soccer in the Region.
- To increase the number of Federated players in the Region.
- Improve the technical quality of all Region players in Football, Futsal and Beach Soccer.
- Contribute effectively to a positive public image of the various variants of Football, good governance of clubs and sports education of all participants and stakeholders of the regional sports movement
How? For the strategy definition, we need to do a SWOT analysis and define the goals based on the SMART goals methodology.
The SWOT analysis is a framework for identifying and analyzing an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats - which is what makes up the SWOT acronym. The primary goal of SWOT analysis is to aid organizations in increasing awareness of the factors in making a business decision. SWOT accomplishes this by analyzing the internal and external factors that can impact the viability of a decision.
Why? The SMART goals methodology can help you by making goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. The SMART method helps push you further, gives you a sense of direction, and helps you organize and reach your goals.
Who & Where? LECS, Romania
What? The strategy is to encourage sports projects all around the country, to popularize different sports through events, EU projects, international meetings and workshops, to open borders for people from all around Europe.
How? Connect your mission and vision with the local issues/problems and with your target group in order to create the organisation strategy. Be creative in reaching your vision and start from the wide and general goals
Why? It is important to have alignment in everything that you do.
Who & Where? ASSA Sports Talent, North Macedonia
What? The strategy consists of several steps from researching, creating and extending the network, then organizing different events of selecting and promotion of talents in collaboration with sports agencies, academies or intermediates.
How? Working according to the general mission which comes from the analysis and idea with the creation of the organization.
Why? Using the network to achieve the goals and mission.