The team

Amateur Mini Football League - AMFL Bulgaria is the coordinator of the project Football makes the difference. It is the leading mini football league in Bulgaria. It has been created in 2008 and has been organising mini football tournaments since. Its main aim isto encourage different people, with a main target group being young people, to play more football, be more physically activeand develop socially and personally. The organisation of tournaments, has proven to increase the interest of all types of people, their involvement, motivation for group work and support continues development.
​AMFL is currently the largest all-year mini-football tournament for amateurs on the territory of Bulgaria. For the last 10 years, ithas organised more than 200 tournaments, many of which with aduration of 9+ month. Over the past season, more than 14,000 players and 800 teams have taken part in the tournament. A distinctive feature of AMFL is the unique statistics that it has developed for every player, game and tournament and it is aunique one in the territory in Bulgaria not only in amateur sports but also for any other professional sports.
The Associação de Futebol de Bragança (Bragança Football Association) is the sports organization responsible for the management and development of Football, Futsal and Beach Soccer in the Northeast region of Portugal. The Bragança Football Association is an active member of the Portuguese Football Federation and works directly with 37 football and futsal clubs, more than 2200 players, more than 60 referees, 20 competitions and 12 municipalities.
Здружение за спорт и спортски дејности СПОРТ ТАЛЕНТ – Битола (Association for sport and sport activities SPORT TALENT Bitola) is sport ortganization with the slogan: (Mens sana in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body). The organization takes care of that young people can and should be learning confidentiality, responsibility and handling stressful situations, i.e. developing through establishing healthy way of living, which includes physical activities and healthy food/dieting.
Asociatia “Liber la Educatie, Cultura si Sport” (Freedom for Education, Culture, and Sport Association – ) is a Romanian NGO with the mission to support all age segments by facilitating access to education, culture and sport through both training programs and projects to help maintain and develop each individual's values.
Športno društvo Bogojina (Bogojina Sports Association) is one of the oldest sports clubs in Pomurje and the Slovenian area. Under its umbrella, it joins 168 members from across the region. The goal of society is to involve young people in society and to promote sports activity. Society recognizes the importance of the social aspect of the massive inclusion of young people in sports activities, therefore they pay special attention each year.