Good practices for mision and vision

Mission and vision

Who & Where?
Amateur Mini Football League, Bulgaria  
What? Mission of AMFL is to attract and attain players and to provide a satisfying experience.
Vision of AMLF is to be the most successful and respected amateur mini football league in Bulgaria.
How? Developing a mission and vision statement that everyone is on board with is crucial for the success of the organization. It is created from one side for people from outside for the organization, from another side, people who work and support the organisation’s development. It should show the value to customers.  It is important to gather everyone from the leaders’ team together in order to be able to brainstorm and be on the same page in terms of the direction at which everyone is looking and where it wants to get in the future.
Why? It is important for the mission and vision to be communicated with everyone in the team. It should be something catchy the motivates customers to get on board.
Who & Where?
ŠD Bogojina, Slovenia
What? Our mission is to motivate and educate people among all age groups about a healthy lifestyle and encourage sports activities.
Our vision is to become a leading organization that works in support of the needs of society and the environment.
How? It is important to form a vision based on the needs of society and the environment in which we live and which we face as a society and as individuals. For us it is important to focus our vision and mission on the younger population, where older members of the association and the society would help and be an example of sustainable operations.
Why? Vision is a living concept that must be constantly adapted. A very good example from our practice is: The club was in the second Slovenian league for some time, U19 and U17 played in the first Slovenian league. After dropping out of the first Slovenian league U19  and U17, problems arose. The club has been relegated from the 2nd Slovenian league to the 4th Slovenian league over the years.  During covid 19, the club found that this was no longer the case. We analyzed the situation of parents (online survey) and invited supporters (via social networks) and analyzed the current situation. After the analysis, we found that we can not compete with larger clubs (financially, infrastructurally) so we decided to adjust the vision of the environment. We have changed the vision from the best Pomurje club to become a family-friendly club, which we strive for with coaches as well as with communication to parents and the surrounding area.
Who & Where?
AF Braganca, Portugal
What? The mission statements of Braganca football club is:
The Bragança FA as a member of the Portuguese Football Federation and in alignment with this National Governing Body it is the driving force in the Rigion of Bragança for the development of Football, Futsal and Beach Soccer as sports, economic, social, educational and leisure activities, taking into account the growing relevance of these sports in youth training in the region.
The Bragança FA as an institution of public utility has as its mission to manage, coordinate, develop and organize Football, Futsal and Beach Soccer in all its dimensions and categories, in a harmonious whole, ensuring their continuity and growth in all clubs of the different municipalities in the region and in all social and age groups, in order to contribute to positioning the regional Football, Futsal and Beach Soccer as a reference of quality at the national level.
How? For the definition of the Mission and Vision we need to make a diagnostic of the internal and external environment of the sport organization.
It is important to adjust the vision and mission with the national federations and the government structures, so that you can be supported and work alongside them. However, everything must be adopted to the region of the organization.
Based on the external and internal diagnostics, and the characteristics, they made an external analysis of the environment and the relationship with the environment for which it is responsible
Why? It is important to have an internal and external analysis, from one side to be able to reply to the expectations of the team, from another to be able to reply to the challenges of the environment.
What we are going to analyze internally:
- The statutes and all legal aspects of the sport organisation
- The history of the Sport Organisation
- The responsibility and the why they exist
- The social relevance of the sport organisation
-  The number of members, players, staff etc
What you are going analyse externally:
- Geographic context like location in the country, region, municipalities around
- Statistics data on the region, country and Europe on sport and other areas like population, income per capita, etc.
Who & Where?
ASSA Sport Talent, North Macedonia,
What? Our mission statement is to promote the promotion of sports talents of the country through professional management, marketing and promotion especially abroad.
Our vision statement is to be a leading promoter of sports talent in North Macedonia.
How? It is important when you have a mission statement to be able to fulfil it fully and do everything that is promised in it. In our case we support our players in all phases will including help from educational, managerial and financial guidelines and help in order for most of them to succeed as professionals but also after their career (professional or amateur).
Why? It is important that we know where we are heading and what is our ultimate goal
Who & Where?
LECS,  Romania
What? Asociatia “Liber la Educatie, Cultura si Sport” - LECS (Freedom for Education, Culture, and Sport Association – ) is a Romanian NGO with the mission to support all age segments by facilitating access to education, culture and sport through both training programs and projects to help maintain and develop each individual's values. Having the vision that the Education, the Culture and the Sports are values equally accessible to every individual, our organization promote quality non-formal education by initiating and conducting cultural, educational, civic, sporting activities among all segments of the ages with a main focus on children and teenagers from a rural area.
How?  A vision statement should be concise, no longer than a sentence or two and infuse it with passion and make it inspiring. Vision statements are future-based and meant to inspire and give direction to members of your organisation. The vision is about your goals for the future and how you will get there and the mission is about where you are now and why you exist.
Why? It is important to be concise so that everyone can understand you well. It is important to regularly communicate your mission and vision with your player/customers/clients, so that you can remind them of the key points of your organization.