How to set long-term goals?

Long-term business goals
Long-term goals provide a strategic perspective and a roadmap for achieving the organization's long-term objectives. A long-term goal is something you want to achieve in the future that will take more time, preparation, and perseverance to achieve.
When considering long-term goals, it's critical to examine both different factors that might influence whether or not you meet your goals. This encompasses both social and political aspects. While certain external events are unforeseeable and beyond your control, like as the covid-19 outbreak, it's critical to plan for and neutralize as many internal and external problems as possible.
These are goals that an organization expects to achieve over a specific time period, such as three or five years. They do not need to be precise or have well-defined activities but are broad results that an organisation aims to achieve.

Examples of long-term goals:
Financial goals
Growth goals
Target audience goals
Employee development goals
Social goals
Expand into a new geographic market
Market through a new channel
Expand personnel and facilities
Migrate to a new technology platform
Boost Social Media Accounts
Search engine optimization (SEO)

Short term goals
Short-term goals enable you to break down long-term goals and discover projects and activities that will help you achieve your long-term vision. 
The extent to which long-term and short-term goals have an impact is a crucial distinction between the two. Short-term goals can be assigned to certain teams or people, but long-term goals affect the entire organization.

Decide on a long-term aim.
It's time to establish a plan to reach your long-term goal now that you've chosen it.
Breaking down the goal into a few important milestones is the first step.
These milestones should take less time than the long-term goal, but they will still demand a significant amount of effort.
Make a milestones list.
After you've set all of your milestones, you'll need to break each one down into daily actions. The daily actions are a collection of doable short-term goals.
​Make a daily plan.