Good practices for manage budget

​Who & where? AMLF, Bulgaria
What? It is very hard for us to set yearly finances or budget. We have to adapt every month depending on the tournaments and the players. Regularly, there are games that are not played, there are teams that quite in the middle of a tournament, there are events that we decide to hold.
How? We invest a big chunk of our income in innovations, so that we can attract new players and teams. This has created for us a well-known brand. If we decide to open a branch in another city, it is very easy to enter the market as people know us.
Why? We realise it is very important for us to have a specific budget and finance for at least a period ahead, however, it is very hard to plan ahead for organisations like ours.
Who & where? SD Bogojina, Slovenia
What? Our organization has one account from which all needs for operations and competitions are financed on an ongoing basis. At the beginning of the year, the General Meeting adopts the final account of the previous year and the financial plan (purchase of equipment, investments in infrastructure) Based on the previous year, we anticipate the costs of competitions and coaching staff
How? We believe that the implementation of the budget and the financial plan should be checked every 3 months and possible changes should be made.
Why? Especially in turbulent times like today, we have to be flexible and adaptive in order to answer the market needs.
Who & where? ASSA Sport Talent, North Macedonia
What?  We sat our budget based on the municipality budget.  
How? We express official letter of interest to the municipality based on our plans for the year. We also try to have our own add-ons through projects, international partnerships and creating a wider network of sponsors, however these re unpredictive and they do not allow us to set our finance long in advance.  
Why? Especially in rural areas, finance is key, as the income there might rely heavily on the municipality and sponsors, hence for rural areas we should have everything well planned ahead.  
Who & where? AF Braganca, Portugal
What? We are a non-profit organisation that every year has to present and approve the budget with the vote of the member clubs from our region.
How? This budget and activities plan has to be approved every year by our members and has to be according to the Portuguese national laws and financial regulations. We have a great financial support from the Portuguese Football Federation, from sponsors and in the recent years also some financial income provided by our international projects.
Why? We always try to aim in advance to set the budget according to the different categories that we need to spend so that we can invest back enough in the development and the players.
Who & where? LECS, Romania
What? As a general financial rule, the budget is approved on the management level based on the objectives set out for the next year.
How? We are very dependant on projects that we have for the next year, hence, it is very hard to plan well in advance. We try to set a budget for our organisation for the next 6 months, so that we can have some predictability of our activities.
Why? An adjustment during the year should be possible in order to adapt to the reality of investments and spending correlated to the performance of the sport clubs.