Erasmus+ sports

ERASMUS + SPORT is Erasmus+ actions in the field of sport that promote participation in sport, physical activity, and voluntary activities.

They are designed to tackle societal and sport-related challenges.
Opportunities are available for organisations under 3 Calls that address these challenges.

The actions
Cooperation Partnerships
Designed for organisations to develop and implement joint activities to promote (among others) sport and physical activity,
as well as deal with threats to the integrity of sport (such as doping or match-fixing) promote dual careers for athletes,
improve good governance, and foster tolerance and social inclusion.
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Small-scale Partnerships
For grassroots organisations, less experienced organisations and newcomers to the Programme.
Small-Scale Partnerships have simpler administration, smaller grants and shorter durations than Cooperation Partnerships.
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Not-for-profit European Sport Events
Designed to encourage sporting activity, implement EU strategies for social inclusion through sport,
foster volunteering in sport, fight against discrimination and encourage participation in sport and physical activity.