Good practices for marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

Who & where? AMLF, Bulgaria
What? AMFL normally used online media for marketing as most of our target groups are really active online. We use a lot of tools for digital communication – like viber invites and groups. Online we present our events, tournaments and fund-raising activities that we organize.
How? It is very important for us to have good online visibility through high-quality shows of our events, as we can attract more player, sponsors and in general higher interest in our activities. In smaller cities, where we are present and in rural areas, it is much easier to reach the wider public as we are the only league of such kind and people are interested in our activities. However, in rural areas, there is not profit for our organization, it is mainly done for the visibility of the league and to be easier to attract sponsors.
As a good practice, it is important to show that you are visible and active in reaching a wider audience, then it makes it much easier to promote yourselves to sponsors.
Why? We aim to constantly improve the visualization of everything we do, so that we can be able through online marketing to provide high-quality content. We aim to make videos of everything that we are doing.
Who & where? SD Bogojina, Slovenia
What? We use a lot of technology – social media and videos. We aim to generate value and public recognition to the participants and sponsors. We also organize many in-person events.
How? Famous brands can be promoted with their logos and sportswear, hence local media might agree to publicize the organization as well to increase visibility of brands.
Why? Marketing is important, so that we can generate additional income. There are no large companies in Pomurje and every small company supports its home local club, so every euro is important to us.
Who & where? ASSA Sport Talent, North Macedonia
What?  We have our own website and use social media and different social platforms very actively.               
How? You should be active at least on the local TV and mediums for most important moves and projects. Let people know what you are doing.
Why? Online means provide a really wide reach and give us a chance to get visibility at low cost.
Who & where? AF Braganca, Portugal
What? We have a good communication strategy that is based on the web platforms on the internet like: Website, Newsletter and Social Media. All our news are posted on the website and shared on social media like Facebook, Instagram and sometimes YouTube (people like to watch videos).
How? One of the most efficient ways of reaching our target groups it’s by our regular newsletter. We also have a good relationship with the regional media and we always invite them to our events.
Why? Marketing expands our network and support all the other aspects  of our work.
Who & where? LECS, Romania
What? In this digital era, the most important channel for marketing strategy is using the web platforms (website, Facebook, Instagram)
How? Also it is important to be visible on the municipality and / or sponsor web platforms.
Why? In order to keep the interest of the online followers of the sport clubs it is important to have good and diverse communication by getting support from municipalities and sponsors for the small sport clubs