The meeetings

TM 1 - Bulgaria 

The meeting aim was to welcome everyone on board and get a shared understanding of the objectives and values of the project. The objective was to create a common understanding between all the participating organizations, create a team, get to know each other and ensure that everyone is prepared to work inter-culturally. Also, participants have split the tasks and responsibilities and created a clear timeline.

Presentations by each organisation about:
1. Positioning of football in less developed areas in your country
2. Good practices of sports organisations in your country in less developed areas
Workshop about the report on good practices and what needs to be done step by step (facilitated by AMFL)
The hosting organisation introduced the international project members to the main people from AMFL team. 

TM 2 - Slovenia, Murska Sobota, 19-21September 2021

There was a trainer at the meeting from Bulgaria who joined online and conducted the training. The training was held following a number of sessions focused on creating a business plan with all its sections specifically with a focus on decentralisation of activities of sports organisation in different regions, development of less developed areas and practical steps. 
The training used non-formal methods of education and was supposed to involve one person from each organisation (might be external as well) who then going forward was the person with the role to start pilot activities in less developed areas. 


There was a round table Operation of football clubs in the rural areas and a Study visit - Infrastructure and operation of football clubs in Pomurje (Mura, Čarda, Bogojina, Nafta - Lendava)

Stakeholders from sports were actively present at the round table (Danilo Kacijan, Vice President of the Football Association of Slovenia, Zdenko Maučec, Secretary-General of the Association of Football Coaches Slovenia, Goran Gutalj, Secretary of the Sports Association Murska Sobota)

TM 3 - Bulgaria, Vidin, 6-8 March 2022 

The meeting turned out to be really beneficial for the whole group as they've seen the condition of the facilities. There was the need to test the steps and the practical model that was suggested in the Toolkit and see what is the effect and the impact on people and society in less developed areas and the Pilot work of AMFL done up-to date

TM 4 - Portugal, Braganca, 23-25 May 2022 

Transnational Meeting 4 gathered together representatives from all partner organisations in Portugal in order to observe the best practices of the Braganca sports association and shared the evaluation and the development up to date. There was one representative from each organization. The leader of this meeting was Braganca sports Association and for two days, it went  through everything that has been done so far. 


23rd May - Monday
-Arrival at Porto Airport

24th May – Tuesday
-10:00 - Visit to the Bragança FA Headquarters
-10:30 - Open of the meeting and welcome by Mr. Carlos Alendouro
-10:45 - Bragança FA Technical Department Presentation by Daniel Branquinho
-11: 15 - Questions, Answers and Debate.
-12:00 - Lunch at a local restaurant
-15:00 - “Street Football Move” Presentation by Paulo Jorge Araújo
-15:30 - Questions, Answers and Debate.
-16:30 - Communication at Bragança FA by Diogo Braz
-17:00 - “Escola Crescer” from zero to the top in the region -18:00 - “Escola Crescer” Football Training Visit
-20:00 - Dinner at a local restaurant
25th May - Wednesday
-10:00 - Visit to the Bragança Castel
-12:00 - Lunch at Bragança
-15:00 - Visit to Azibo Beach Soccer Pitch
-18:00 - Visit to CA Macedo and GD Macedense
-20:00 - Dinner in a local restaurant with the vice-mayor 
26th May - Thursday
  -Departure from Porto Airport
TM 5 - Romania, Bucharest , 20-23 July 2022

The 5th Transnational project meeting, hosted by the Romanian organisation Asociatia Liber la Educatie, Cultura si Sport showed the group the situation with a club full of talented kids which didn't have the best facilities possible. This was a positive outlook that in every country there is room for improvement in sports. There was the need to test the steps and the practical model that was suggested in the Toolkit and see what the effect was and the impact on people and society in less developed areas. The team observed the pilot work done at Ilfov area up-to date.

TM 6 - North Macedonia,  Bitola, 25-28 November 2022

The last meeting was located in Bitola, North Macedonia. It was a pleasure for the whole group to meet for last time and disseminating this wonderfull project. Throughout the whole project there have been a lot of tasks which the group did a perfect job on achieving them.